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We offer a comprehensive suite of unparalleled event management and destination services tailored to exceed your expectations.

Event Site Selection Services

Take advantage of over 25 years of experience, our worldwide hotel sourcing database, and relationships to find the best hotel or venue that meets your needs. Information is presented in one place and in one consolidated easy-to-read spreadsheet with available dates, rates, meeting space & value-added concession packages. Site inspection coordination along with contract negotiations also included.

Catering Service

Destination Transition Solutions

We offers comprehensive support for a smooth relocation experience. From city orientation tours to housing search assistance, car purchase guidance, and help with bank account opening, utilities setup, school admissions, and domestic staff hiring, we ensure every aspect of your move is seamlessly managed, allowing you to settle into your new environment with ease.

Red Carpet Event

Accommodation & Dining

Looking for the best boarding deals? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our sourcing process is like no other. Our team works to develop long-term relationships with hotel suppliers in order to negotiate the best possible prices and packages for our clients. We also help you reduce your request for proposal by 10- 30% saving you time and money.

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Audio Visual, Live Streaming, Lighting

Let us help you can create unforgettable environments by stimulating your attendee’s senses using cutting-edge visuals, sound, lighting, and interactive technologies. we specialize in providing comprehensive audiovisual solutions, live streaming services, dynamic lighting setups, and remote interpretation capabilities. Whether it's enhancing events with state-of-the-art AV equipment, broadcasting live content to global audiences, creating immersive lighting atmospheres, or facilitating multilingual communication through remote interpretation, we deliver seamless and impactful experiences tailored to your needs.

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Transportation, Tours & Activities

When it comes to sightseeing and helping people get better acquainted with local attractions, no one does it better than our tour operators. We partner with tour operators to provide professional transportation you can count on. When we take care of your group transportation, tour options & activities, our local knowledge comes with it!

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We excel in providing exquisite event decor solutions to elevate any occasion. From elegant table center pieces to stylish linens and captivating lighting options, we offer a comprehensive range of decor items to transform venues into stunning settings. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that every event is imbued with charm and sophistication, leaving lasting impressions on guests.

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Equipment Rental

Our business specializes in providing a wide range of event essentials for rent, including tables, chairs, glassware, plates, utensils, chafing pans, and more. We offer high-quality equipment to cater to various events, ensuring our customers have everything they need to host successful gatherings without the hassle of purchasing items outright.

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Catering, Bar and Staffing Services

Experience our signature hospitality, exquisite cuisine, and unparalleled service for your next event. We are proud to be a locally sourced caterer with the strong support of local farmers, bakers, fisherfolk, and other producers. We pride ourselves on incorporating more local ingredients that are ecologically friendly, economically sustainable, taste great, and are just simply better for you. In addition to pleasing your palettes, you can expect a unique bar experience customizable for all event types along with staffing solutions. Leave it to us and we’ll design, plan, negotiate and execute every food and beverage detail with ease so that you too can enjoy the celebration.

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Request for Information

Ready to turn your vision into reality? Contact us today and let's begin crafting your extraordinary event experience with PCES Integrated Solution Limited.

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